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Hepatitis C is a serious and insidious disease. Getting into the human body, the virus begins to actively spread throughout the body. For its multiplication and distribution, special enzymes, NS5A and NS5B, which replicate the genetic chains of HCV, are responsible. To prevent the emergence of new pathogens with the original and mutated genetic characteristics, it is necessary to use new generation drugs that can block the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of genetic molecules. One such substance is Sofosbuvir.

Where to buy and the price of Sofosbuvir

Sovaldi has American roots. The company-manufacturer Gilead Sciences has installed prices on Sofosbuvir, guided not by the cost of the final product, but by data on the cost of liver transplantation, which can be useful if the organism of an infected person does not receive timely treatment for hepatitis C. The cost of one pill is $ 1,000. With such a price, a course of treatment for 12 weeks costs 84 thousand dollars.

However, Gilead Sciences licensed this medicine to pharmacists from India, Pakistan, and Egypt. For example, Indian Sofosbuvir is called Hepcinat. Its cost is much lower than that of the original drug. Hepcinat costs from $ 270. for 28 tablets.

Other prices for preparations containing Sofosbuvir: Hepcinat LP – from 470 dollars., Natdac – from 250 dollars.,Ledifos – from 450 dollars., Hepcvir-L – from 570 dollars.

General description of the drug Sofosbuvir

 Sofosbuvir (the trade name of the original drug – Sovaldi, generic – Hepcinat) is the product of the American company Gilead Sciences, which patented this substance as a drug that can fight against hepatitis C. Thanks to its appearance, many infected HCVs had a hope for complete healing.

The effectiveness of Sofosbuvir is evidenced by the results of numerous studies, in which patients with various clinical patterns of the disease participated. Based on the results for each group, individual recommendations for the use of Sofosbuvir were developed.

The action of Sofosbuvir is aimed at blocking NS5B enzymes, which is why the virus is unable to copy its RNA for further propagation. Thus, this substance is an inhibitor of the replication capabilities of HCV, which allows the therapy to achieve 100% effectiveness in most cases.

The testing of antiviral drugs showed a guaranteed advantage of Sofosbuvir over Interferon. The main advantages are manifested in the following parameters:

  • Duration of treatment. Achieving the maximum possible effectiveness of Sofosbuvir in each specific case within 3 months. Treatment with Interferon has a much longer time.
  • Efficiency. Achieving a stable virologic response when taking Sofosbuvir occurs in more than 90% of cases. And the success of interferon therapy is limited to 40-60% depending on the initial clinical picture.
  • Adverse effects. Sofosbuvir practically does not have a harmful effect on the organism of an infected person unlike Interferon, the use of which can lead to severe conditions associated with impaired activity of somebody systems, for example, the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system. However, depending on the additional components of complex therapy Sofosbuvir, in addition to minor fatigue and headache, the patient may have other side effects, although with a small probability.
  • Restrictions on use. Sofosbuvir can be prescribed for the treatment of patients with hepatitis C, even with cirrhosis of the liver.

Instructions for the use of medicines with Sofosbuvir

Any combination antiviral drug, if its active substance – Sofosbuvir, requires strict implementation of all recommendations for use in order to achieve the desired effect of recovery, avoiding unnecessary monetary costs.

Indications for use of Sofosbuvir

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List of indications for the use of substance Sofosbuvir in the complex antiviral therapy:
  1. Treatment of hepatitis C with Sofosbuvir is applicable only to adults who are over 18 years of age, due to the lack of necessary safety studies and the effectiveness of this inhibitor.
  2. According to the latest data, the use of Sofosbuvir is not limited to the first four genotypes of hepatitis C. It is noteworthy that the Agency of the US Department of Health and Social Services (FDA) has already approved the expansion of indications for the use of one combination of antiviral substances – Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir (Harvoni drug).

Rules for the use of tablets Sofosbuvir

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The use of Sofosbuvir in any combination with other drugs has its own nuances. Special instructions for use are as follows:

  1. The daily dose of the drug is 400 mg and taken once a day, so you should allocate a special time for the reception so that the intake of the drug in the body was as uniform as possible.
  2. Do not grind and chew the medicine before taking it, because it has a very bitter taste. Reception is best done while eating.
  3. If, for any reason, vomiting occurs within two hours after the use of the Sofosbuvir tablet, it is necessary to drink another dose, because for 2 hours the preparation does not yet have time to fully assimilate. If a similar situation occurs later than 2 hours later, then taking an additional pill is not worth it.
  4. In a situation where the medication was not taken on time, and the delay is no more than 18 hours, you need to drink the missed dose. Otherwise, wait until the next time.
  5. Avoid performing any activities that require increased concentration, as well as a high reaction rate.
Schemes of hepatitis C treatment with Sofosbuvir

The use of Sofosbuvir is carried out in conjunction with some drugs that have an antiviral effect. These include Daclatasvir, Ledipasvir, Ribavirin, Symeprevir, Peginterferon. Some combinations are patented and have a trade name, for example, Harvoni – a combination with Ledipasvir. Let’s consider in more detail the treatment regimen with Sofosbuvir.

The most effective treatment of genotype 1 is the combination of Sofosbuvir with Daclatasvir, and sometimes a three-component regimen with the addition of ribavirin. The effectiveness of this option is 100%. In the second place is the preparation of Harvoni or its combination with Ribavirin. The least effective combination of Sofosbuvir with ribavirin.

We describe the most effective descending treatment regimens for the first genotype of the disease, the course of which lasts for 12 weeks:

  • With cirrhosis of the liver. Harvoni + Ribavirin, Sofosbuvir + Simeprevir + Ribavirin, Harvoni.
  • With HIV infection. Harvoni, Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir, Sofosbuvir + Ribavirin. The use of the latter combination is desirable to extend to 24 weeks.
  • With a negative response to previous therapy. Harvoni + Ribavirin, Harvoni, Sofosbuvir + Simeprivir.

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