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The drug Harvoni is the best method to combat hepatitis C treatment of the first genotype. The uniqueness of this type of treatment is that the patient does not need to add ribavirin or interferon to the therapy. This is the third drug in the world, the clinical effect of which was confirmed at a conference on retroviruses in 2013.

This medicine was developed and patented by the American biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences in 2014. The Harvoni tablet has a diamond shape, an orange color and is covered with a special glaze. The active substance is ledipasvir (in a dosage of 90 mg), as well as sofosbuvir (400 mg)

Contraindications to the use of Harvoni

Like any drug, Harvoni has a number of contraindications. During the delivery of blood for the presence of hepatitis C RNA, as well as the genotype of the virus, the treating physician should interview the patient for allergic reactions to certain components of the drug.

Contraindications Harvoni also are:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Age to 18 years.
  • The use of another drug, which contains sofosbuvir. There is a risk that the patient will have an excessive amount of this substance, which leads to chemical poisoning.
  • Use of drugs with tenofovir.
  • Taking medications containing tipranavir and carbamazepine. These substances and components can neutralize the antiviral effect of the drug.

Before starting a course of treatment, you need to undergo examinations for the presence of kidney or liver failure. Such diagnoses often accompany hepatitis. Treatment Harvon, in this case,e is possible, but under the strict supervision of the therapist and narrow specialists.

How to take Harvoni in the treatment of hepatitis C

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) has developed an instruction for the application of Harvoni. Every day you need to take one tablet of the drug while eating. Do not chew, crush or dissolve it. Like many other medicines, Harvoni gives the best effect with regular intake at one time. Therefore, it is better to choose the optimal time of taking the pill from the very beginning of the course.

Doctors recommend that you follow these rules of reception:

  1. If you forget for some reason to drink a pill in a timely manner, drink later. You can only skip one dose.
  2. Drinking two doses in a row is by no means possible.
  3. You need to drink Harvoni even when you feel fatigue or headaches.

The scheme of taking the medicine is quite simple. The course of treatment is small. For patients with hepatitis C of the first genotype, it is only twelve weeks. If you have cirrhosis of the liver, treatment should be prolonged twice (24 weeks). It is also necessary to act for those who have already been treated with other drugs, and it was ineffective.

Each patient should clarify the instructions for the application of Harvoni from his attending physician, since the duration may depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.

After completing the full course of treatment, a detailed examination is necessary. If the therapeutic effect is not achieved, re-administer the treatment of Harvoni does not make sense. The lack of primary efficacy is an incentive to look for other treatment options.

The scheme of reception of Harvoni differs in case the patient has an additional viral infection that often accompanies hepatitis C – HIV. It is individually developed by a virologist.

For the first, fourth, fifth or sixth genotypes, the treatment time is 12 weeks in combination with ribavirin, sofosbuvir and Ladipasvir. Without ribavirin – 24 weeks. Ribavirin in this case helps to reduce the duration of treatment, and hence the cost of the course of therapy.

Side effects from the application of Harvoni

Side effects from Harvoni occur infrequently, but can occur. As a rule, these are migraines and headaches, fast fatigue and lethargy, allergic manifestations (rarely).

If you are using Harvoni for the first time, you should be careful and listen to your own body. Suspicions should cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, swelling, severe itching over the body. In such cases, therapy is interrupted instantly. After consultation with the virologist, a new drug regimen is prepared.

Many doctors, who lead patients with hepatitis C, notice the typical effects after the start of the drug (malaise, insomnia, lethargy). But do not panic. An experienced doctor will be able to assess the risks of applying Harvoni and advise the individual scheme of admission.

When applying Harvoni along with ribavirin, the risks of side effects are much higher. Cirrhosis can also become a factor in the development of complications, but there are no direct contraindications. In 90% of cases the drug is tolerated calmly and gives a relatively quick recovery.

Harvoni does not affect the concentration of attention, because you can drive a car during treatment. However, it is worthwhile to be alert: body fatigue can negatively affect the brain.

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