Anti Cancer Afinitor 5mg

Brand Name: Afinitor
Generic Name: Everolimus
Manufactured by: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Dose: 5 mg
Form:  Tablets
Packing: One Pack of 30 Tablets


What is Afinitor?

The antitumor agent “Afinitor”, the instruction to which will be offered to your attention further in the article, is issued by the well-known company “Novartis“.  Its main active substance is everolimus, which is a selective inhibitor of a serine-threonine kinase. The activity of the latter increases with the development of many oncological pathologies of man. Everolimus binds to intracellular proteins, thereby inhibiting their synthesis and signaling, in addition, it reduces the growth of the endothelium of the vessels feeding the tumor. Due to this development of the latter slows down, and even stops altogether. Studies have shown that, due to the use of the drug-containing everolimus, in 67% of patients with renal cell carcinoma the risk of disease progression decreased and life expectancy increased.

Where can I buy the generic drug “Finisher?”

It’s no secret that buying the necessary medicines today is a big problem because of their high cost. So, in India for the medicine “Afinitor” the price is 65000 INR. For 30 tablets. But for the period of treatment, the patient will need more than one package! In this case, generic drugs will come to the rescue – licensed preparations that have the same active substance, but which cost several times cheaper. The cheapness of these medicines is explained by the fact that the firm that bought the license for their production does not spend money on development, testing, and advertising. And this means that it can pay off with a much lower retail price. Online WWW.GANDHIMEDICOS.COM you can order and purchase issued by well-known Indian company Ltd Biocon. Tablets Everolimus 5 mg and 10 mg, having absolutely the same composition and, accordingly, the effect. And the price offered by the “Afinitor” tablets will be almost three times more affordable than the original (brand) drug

Indications for use

We warn that the instruction in the article on the tablets “Afinitor” for use applies equally to their Indian counterpart. The remedy should only be prescribed by a specialist. It is shown to certain groups of patients:

  • Having neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas, lung, and GIT;
  • Suffering from renal cell carcinoma (in the absence of the expected effect from the use of anti-angiogenic drugs);
  • In the case of hormone-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women (in combination with the aromatase inhibitor);
  • With subependymal astrocytoma in children after 3 years;
  • With angiomyolipoma of the kidney and tuberous sclerosis

Tablets are taken once a day (preferably in the morning). Swallow them completely, without chewing, and wash down with a lot of water. Treatment, as a rule, lasts as long as there is a clinical effect. The average dose of the drug “Afinitor” is 10 mg, but in the presence of pronounced side effects, it is reduced to 5 mg

Side effects

The reception of the “Afinitor” tablets, the instruction to which is given in our article, often causes unwanted side effects:

a headache; sleep disorders; anemia; edema of eyelids and conjunctivitis; increased blood pressure; shortness of breath, cough, nosebleeds; diarrhea, lack of appetite, dry mouth and abdominal pain; the appearance of sip and itching; loss of weight and dehydration; development of edema; increase in blood cholesterol levels


Tablets “Afinitor” is not shown to everyone. So, their appointment is not allowed:

During pregnancy and lactation;

With increased sensitivity to the components of the drug; under the age of 18;

In the case of using inductors CYP3A4.

In addition, one should be careful with the appointment of the agent “Afinitor” before surgery, as it can slow the healing of wounds. In the course of treatment and within 2 months after it, patients with intimacy should be protected from the onset of pregnancy.


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