cimivir 400mg


Cimivir 400mg:

“Cimivir 400mg” is a company by Hetero labs limited and is distributed by Biocon Limited under the license of Gilead Sciences Ireland UC, and is, in fact, a moderately inexpensive generic of the Sovaldi product from Gilead, with a price that is 100 times cheaper than the original.

Cimivir 400mg Tablets:

Cimivir (Sofosbuvir 400mg tablets are antiviral meds that have a place with a class of pharmaceuticals called nucleotide polymerase inhibitors. It blocks the enzyme RNA polymerase, which is necessary for viral replication and, therefore, reduces the amount of hepatitis C virus in the body, thus reducing liver damage and improving its liver function. Each package includes 28 tablets, covered with an orange-colored shell labeled “S14”, containing 400 mg of active ingredient – Sofosbuvir.

Method of reception:

Cimivir is not taken by itself. The most common treatment regimen is in conjunction with Daclatasvir (for example, Daclawin), which has proven itself and has many positive reviews on our forum.
Take this medicine in the regime prescribed by the doctor. Swallow the whole tablet without chewing. It is better to take Cimivir with food.

Tips for using Cimivir tablets:

•The drug should be taken only in combination with other antiviral agents (Daclatasvir, ribavirin and/or pegylated interferon)
•Treatment with sofosbuvir is not recommended in patients with severe renal failure or liver problems
•Be sure to see a doctor if you are taking amiodarone (used for heart rhythm disturbances). Risk of a bradycardia can be increased at the reception in conjunction with sofosbuvir.
•Pregnancy should be avoided in women or women, partners of men who are in treatment with sofosbuvir.

Side Effects

• Possible nausea, blanching of the skin, back pain, chills, diarrhea, fatigue, weakness, fever, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, mouth sores, muscle pain, muscle cramps, rash, itching, abscesses, ulcers.
• Storage conditions
• Keep out of the reach of children at a temperature of no higher than 30 ° C. Keep container tightly closed. Keep in original packaging. Do not use if the stopper or bottle opening is broken or missing.
• The drug is intended for domestic consumption in India.

Buy Cimivir online sofosbuvir from Biocon

If you are going to buy Sofosbuvir and undergo antiviral therapy, pay attention to the drug under the trade name “Cimivir”, which is a qualitative and effective means for a complete victory over hepatitis C. Please note that treatment is not prescribed in immunotherapy, but is taken in conjunction with other antiviral agents. For hepatitis C, genotype 1 – Sofosbuvir 400 mg is part of the combination therapy with Ledipasvir 90 mg. And for genotype 2,3 and 4, the best-approved regimen will be a combination of drugs such as Sofosbuvir “Cimivir” and Daclatasvir “Daclawin”. Before the beginning of therapy, it is necessary to consult an infectious disease doctor or a hepatologist. buy cimivir online

Cimivir 400mg Price in India:

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