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Daclatasvir is used with another antiviral medication (sofosbuvir) to treat chronic (long-lasting) hepatitis C, a viral infection of the liver. Daclatasvir should never be used without sofosbuvir.

Product Description

Daclatasvir is utilized with another antiviral prescription (sofosbuvir) to treat &nmp endless (dependable) Hep C, a viral contamination of the liver. These drugs together lessen the measure of hepatitis C infection in your body, which enables your insusceptible framework to battle the contamination and may enable your liver to recoup. Perpetual hepatitis C contamination can cause genuine liver issues, for example, scarring (cirrhosis), or liver disease.

Take daclatasvir exactly as your healthcare provider tells you to.

  •  Do not change your dose unless your healthcare provider tells you to.
  •  Do not stop taking daclatasvir without first talking with your healthcare provider.
  • Take daclatasvir 1 time each day with or without food.

The recommended usage of daclatasvir to treat chronic hepatitis C virus is 60 mg taken orally once daily with or without food in combination with sofosbuvir. The recommended treatment duration is 12 weeks.


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