Hepcfix Daclatasvir

Brand Name: HepCfix
Content: Daclatasvir
Marketed by: Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Strengths: 60 mg
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 28 Tablets


Hepcfix tablets

Hepcfix tablet is really well suited to treat chronic hepatitis C. It makes sense to take it at that stage of the disease, when this virus still multiplies inside the liver cells, so that, of course, it simply cannot penetrate into the blood. And for this reason, Hepcfix daclatasvir 60 mg online medicines are perfectly sufficient to completely block the spread of hepatitis C throughout the body of a sick person.

Description of the drug Hepcfix

This medicine is a means of direct action, which, in turn, ensures that it acts only on viruses, but not on healthy cells of the body. With the help of this drug, you can block two stages of the life of the virus. According to the results of a series of scientific studies that have taken place in recent years, and according to the data analyzed, in particular, through computer modeling, it turns out that this very medicine distorts the very structure of the hepatitis virus. And it does it point-by-point, and also with all possible accuracy. Viruses that have undergone such an action of the drug Hepcfix lose the opportunity to implement harmful to human effects of protein NSSA. If you want Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir Hepcfix to buy in India – place an order you can in our forum. At the moment quite a considerable number of experienced medical staff recommends sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir. Hepcfix products are easily available in two cities. This is India and Mexico. But beware of fakes! The best way to order Hepcfix is on our website. We only sell high-quality products, and we also always deliver the order to the destination as quickly as possible.

Indications for use of Hepcfix

Hepcfix can cure hepatitis C. This medicine can be used with great success even when the disease is supplemented with cirrhosis of the liver. In case of viral genotype 1, as well as 3, 4 and 5, the drug should be taken in combination with the sofosbuvir agent. In the case of the genotype of virus 1b, a combination with asunaprevir is required. For genotype 1, ribavirin, asunaprevir, and peginterferon alfa are required.

Contraindications to the use of this medicine

Use Hepcfix is recommended in conjunction with anything else to support immunity. But here it is necessary to avoid the following types of drugs: • antiepileptic, • antibacterial, • some that are of vegetable origin. If a Hepcfix drug is required for a minor person, consider the following: no studies have yet been carried out on how good and safe it is for children. Also, this medicine should be carefully avoided by pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers. If the patient has some or other contraindications for the use of drugs combined scheme – you need to find something else. At us, in the Internet-shop to your acquisition of medical product Hepcfix is accessible. To do this, you just need to place an order with us on the site or make a phone call.


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