Description- Cancer, the chronic disease, is no more a terror that had been threatening the world for last three decades. If cancer is diagnosed early, the chances of cure and survival rates improve significantly. After the age of 40 consult with an oncologist at regular intervals leads to early detection and say no to tobacco, alcohol and smoking involving you in the anti-cancer revolution.

Medication- To beat the chronic disease cancer VEENAT-400 is the most useful anti-cancer tablet manufactured by the world renowned brand Gefinat pharmaceuticals. It is a prescribed medication available in all leading on line and brick walled stores across the globe. It is positioned at the top and the first name whenever it is a prescription of cancer. VEENAT-400 is the first line treatment in chronic leukemia approved by USFDA. It is a protein –tyrosine kinase inhibitor works inhibiting platelet stopping cell growth, has earned a good name in the anti cancer revolution.



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