Mydekla 60mg tablet price

Daclatasvir is one in all the new direct-acting antiviral medicine that focus on totally different steps of the viral hepatitis virus (HCV) lifecycle. it’s the first-ever approved HCV NS5A replication complicated matter, that means it interferes with a macromolecule the virus uses to breed.

Daclatasvir ought to be combined with alternative medications, which can embody alternative direct-acting antivirals that job otherwise – sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) or the HCV antiviral drug asunaprevir (Sunvepra) – or pegylated antiviral agent and antiviral agent.




Gandhi Medicos we area exporter  Mydekla 60mg tablets (Daclatasvir) is recommended in aggregation alternative healthful merchandise for the good thing about established viral hepatitis disease-causing agent (HCV) virus in adults. Mydekla (Daclatasvir) is employed with sofosbuvir four hundred mg information science to welcome viral hepatitis virus. Daclatasvir sixty mg is employed reciprocally another antiviral counter-irritant (sofosbuvir) to ask chronic (long-lasting) viral hepatitis, an infective agent thorn within the aspect of the liver. These medications along cut back the rival of viral hepatitis virus in your body, that facilitates your system fight the infection and should help your liver recover. Daclatasvir is out there as a sixty mg pill (light inexperienced in color) and thirty mg pill (green in color) (Figure 1). The suggested dose of daclatasvir is sixty mg orally once daily, with or while not food. The suggested dose of sofosbuvir, once used with daclatasvir is four hundred mg once daily,


Drug Name: Mydekla

Specific Name: Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride

Organization Name: Mylan Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd

Form: 28 Tablet

Strength: 60 mg tablets


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