Myhep 400mg tablet price

Brand Name: MyHep Tablets
Generic Name: Sofosbuvir
Manufacturer: Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Strength: 400 mg
Form: Tablets
Packing: One Bottle Pack of 28 Tablets



Myhep 400mg is an inhibitor of hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5B polymerase and is utilized to treat chronic hepatitis C as a component of a combined antiviral therapy regimen in adult patients in combination with other prescriptions. Myhep tablets Sofosbuvir, the composition of the antiviral drug, indications, and contraindications to the utilization, side effects of therapy with Sofosbuvir Myhep.


Natco Pharma is an organization from India, which started production of the unique generic Myhep Sofosbuvir. Generic is a drug that by its medical properties is absolutely identical to the original one; however, it is more accessible for wide utilization.

This medication is delivered in medical factories, which are constantly tested by an American corporation that owns the rights to release Sofosbuvir. Therefore, the quality of Natco Pharma is consistently high, the manufacturer complies with all the norms and technological requirements stated in the contract with the corporation.


1 tablet Myhep contains the active substance: sofosbuvir – 400 mg.


“Myhep” is determined for usage in mixture with other medication for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in grow-up patients.

The effectiveness of the drug is established for patients infected with hepatitis C virus of genotype 1, 2, 3 or 4, including patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, meeting the Milanese criteria (waiting for liver transplantation) and patients with HIV-1 co-infection.


When prescribing for treatment with sofosbuvir, the following information should be considered.

  • Immunotherapy with sofosbuvir is not recommended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.
  • The scheme and duration of treatment depend both on the genotype of the virus and on the patient’s belonging to a particular population *.
  • The response to treatment is determined by the initial factors of the virus and host.

The approved dose of sofosbuvir is one 400 mg tablet personally once a day with or without food.


Sofosbuvir is given in combination with ribavirin or paginated interferon Alfa and ribavirin. Contraindications to the use of these drugs are valid for combination therapy. Contraindications to the use of peginterferon alfa and ribavirin are given in the relevant instructions for the use of these drugs.

Combination therapy with sofosbuvir with ribavirin or peginterferon Alfa is contraindicated in pregnant women or women who may become pregnant, as well as in men whose partners are pregnant, due to the risk of birth defects and fetal death associated with the action of ribavirin.


At a temperature of 15 to 30 ° C…


Today, the drug is included in antiviral therapy without interferon in more than 90 countries. You can buy Myhep Sofosbuvir yourself from the manufacturer in India, and also order through official representatives in your country. On average, the drug package, which includes 28 tablets, costs 250-280 dollars? Here is the link to the official supplier:


“Hepatitis C” is an inflammation of the liver caused by hepatitis C virus. It’s one of the most common liver diseases in the country. It’s estimated that about 150 million people globally, infected with the hepatitis C virus. Majority of patients, when they get infected with hepatitis C virus, will continue to have a virus in their blood, unless they receive treatment. Once the patient has the virus in their system, more than six months from the date of infection, usually they meet the criteria for chronic hepatitis C. The diagnosis of hepatitis C virus is usually based on two tests. The initial test is the screening test. Which is the antibody test in the blood, and the confirmatory test is what we call the PCR which looks at the number of the viruses in the blood. There are several ways how people can acquire hepatitis C virus. The commonest one is people who receive a blood transfusion. Prior to 1993, other methods of transmission are using needles or drug, tattoo or body piercing, and transmission from mother to fetus during pregnancy or during delivery. The treatment for hepatitis C theoretically, based in the past on injection of interferon and tablets of Ribavirin. Last year, there was a revolution in the treatment of hepatitis C, after the FDA approval of two oral drugs, Sofosbuvir, and ledipasvir which can cure hepatitis C in 90% of the patient, without the need of interferon. The goal of treatment of hepatitis C is to prevent liver cirrhosis, to decrease the chance of developing liver cancer, and the need for liver transplantation. Some patients with hepatitis C, who develop complete cirrhosis, or liver failure, or liver cancer, those patients most of the time, required a liver transplantation. The idea of liver transplantation is to remove the virus from the infected liver and also to provide the patient with a healthy liver, which can help the patient survive without complications.


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