Natdac 60mg Tablet Price

Brand Name: Natdac
Generic Name: Daclatasvir
Manufactured by: Natco Pharma Ltd.
Strengths: 60 mg
Form: Tablets
Packing: One Bottle Pack of 28 Tablets


“Natdac” tablets Daclatasvir 60mg is a medicinal product of Indian manufacture, approved by the European Commission, for the treatment of patients with any genotype of the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Approved for use all over the world. The active substance is Daclatasvir, which is an inhibitor of the NS5A protein required for the synthesis of HCV. More detailed information is described in this article.

Natdac 60mg tablets

The main purpose of the drug is antiviral therapy. It is active in the fight against viral hepatitis C (genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4). The essence of the impact is to block the development of HCV and its spread in the body of the carrier.

An important feature is that the medication is not intended for monotherapy, its effectiveness is attested when combined with other antiviral drugs.

Composition and components 

The Natdac (Daclatasvir 60mg) formulation includes the active ingredient and auxiliary ingredients. Let us describe in more detail the components of the preparation:

Daclatasvir. This is the main component of the drug, i.e. active substance.

Croscarmellose sodium. Auxiliary component (disintegrant). This substance is highly soluble in water and helps the tablets dissolve in the stomach, which increases the bioavailability of the drug. That is why it is used in pharmacology.

Magnesium stearate. Auxiliary component. It is a chemical compound of magnesium salts with a stearic acid. Its main role is to create a homogeneous mass of all components.

Silicon dioxide. As part of Natdac has no therapeutic effect and is used as an auxiliary component.

Cellulose. Auxiliary film-forming ingredient.

It is noteworthy that the greater effectiveness of anti-hepatitis C therapy is not manifested with monotherapy, but with the combination of Natdac with other antiviral drugs, for example, with Sofosbuvir, Asunaprevirov, Ribavirin, and Peginterferon.

The use of this or that drug is justified by the genotype of the hepatitis C virus, as well as by the general features of the organism, including taking into account the transferred operations, in particular, on the liver.

Beneficial features 

Scientifically speaking, Daclatasvir is an inhibitor of the viral protein NS5A. Let’s try to figure out what this means. First, the inhibitor is a blocker, i. E. a substance that exerts an overwhelming or retarding influence on certain processes or substances.

Secondly, the NS5A protein of the hepatitis C virus is non-structural. Its function is to ensure the stability of HCV to interferon. Thus, with the normal functioning of NS5A, the virus is able to multiply and be distributed unhindered throughout the body. Over time, the HCV mutates, this explains the inability to timely develop immunity, and therefore, the body’s inability to fight the disease on its own.

Thirdly, while restraining the functional activity of the nonstructural protein NS5A, the virus cannot reproduce and be transported to healthy cells through blood from infected hepatocytes.

Thus, the benefit of Natdac Daclatasvir is that the drug has a direct effect on HCV. It has a high specificity because does not affect other viruses, for example, the immunodeficiency virus.

Natdac 60mg Side- Effects

A number of drug contraindications must be taken into account. The list of prohibitions on receiving Natdac is as follows:

  • Age to 18 years. There is no reliable data on the safety of the use of children by Daclatasvir. There are no clinical trials in this category of patients.
  • Pregnancy. During the course of treatment with the drug Natdac, you should use reliable contraceptive methods to avoid conception. The active substance can increase the risk of miscarriages and the development of congenital malformations.
  • Breastfeeding period. Studies conducted on animals have shown that some components are able to penetrate into breast milk.
  • Allergy. The presence of individual intolerance to at least one of the components of the drug.
  • Cirrhosis and liver transplants. Are conditional contraindications, which can be excluded only by a qualified doctor, taking into account the benefits and potential risks?

Taking Natdac Daclatasvir can have undesirable consequences. Side effects of this drug include dry skin, joint and muscle pain, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, headache, nausea, stomach disorders, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, constipation, anemia, weakness. The number and intensity of side effects may increase with combination with other medicines.

Where to buy and the price of Natdac

You can buy a product in our country by ordering through the website on the Internet. The Natdac is not freely available, so it is not available in the pharmacy.

Price Natdac Daclatasvir – about 8500 INR for one packing price (8500 rubles). Before ordering, ask your doctor for the duration of the course of treatment and what will be the regimen for taking the drug. At a one-time order of a large batch of medicines, some suppliers can make discounts. In this case, Natdac can be bought even for 8500 INR.

However, it should be understood that Daclatasvir can cause a number of serious side effects that can lead to drug cancellation, and the procedure for the return of medicines is not provided.


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