Qurled (Sofosbuvir Tablets 400 MG)



100% effectiveness in fighting hepatitis C

For some time, the disease of hepatitis C is not included in the category of incurable. Thanks to the latest medical developments, mankind has several dozens of efficient drugs, which 100% relieve the body of the virus and its consequences.

Generic, produce the best pharmacists in India under the license of the creators of the original drug.

The drug costs ten times less than its more expensive fellow. Therefore, you can save on treatment. At a low price, the degree of effectiveness of the drug is as great as that of the original – 100% on condition of complex use. The active substance of the drug is the recognized sofosbuvir. In one tablet it contains Qurled 400 mg Tablet.


The drug is authorized by WHO and the best doctor in our country. But the most truthful recommendations we believe are hundreds of positive feedback from our customers who have already recovered from the disease with the help of our generics.

The medicine has official documents confirming its full compliance with the approved world and domestic standards and requirements.


Generic Qurled has the following advantages:

  • 100% effectiveness, if used in conjunction with other antiviral drugs;
  • low price – generics cost ten times cheaper than the originals;
  • A small number of side effects.


Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir 400mg tablets) is the history of the most sold drug in the history of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to high efficiency, SOVALDI’s huge advantage became his safety: clinical large-scale trials showed that the side effects of the medication appeared in patients seldom and were not expressed “Sovaldi” contains 28 tablets, which is enough for 4 weeks of treatment. S ince the minimum course of antiviral therapy based on sofosbuvir lasts at least 12 weeks, the patient will need at least 3 jars of “Sovaldi”, which will amount to 11,000 US dollars. And this is only the cost of one medicine, and they need at least two (for an effective Mixture).


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