Resof 400mg tablet price

Brand name: Resof
Generic name: Sofosbuvir
Manufacturer: Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Form: Tablets
Strength: 400 mg
Packing: One Bottle Pack of 28 tablets



Resof 400 mg The medication is an inhibitor of the viral polymerase NS5B and smothers the replication of the hepatitis C infection. Sofosbuvir is used to regard constant hepatitis C as a noteworthy part of antiviral treatment in grown-up patients in combination with different drugs. Clinical information affirms the high viability of the medication for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 genotype of the hepatitis C infection. Information on the viability of the medication in patients with co-contamination with hepatitis and HIV don’t.


Resof 400mg (Sofosbuvir) is authoritatively endorsed for use in a blend with other antiviral specialists for the treatment of the principal, second, third and fourth genotypes of the hepatitis C infection in grown-up patients.

Mode of application

The medication is taken once per day at measurements of Resof 400 mg (1 tablet). It is better not to bite the tablet, as it has a rich unpleasant taste. It is smarter to take solution while eating, with a lot of water. Take the medication consistently, in the meantime.

Side effects

When all is said in done, the medication is very much endured and has no articulated symptoms. The most well-known of these are a weakness, migraine, and sickness. The seriousness of symptoms increments with consolidated treatment with interferon and other antiviral medications.


The medication cannot be taken:

Children and adolescents under 18;

During pregnancy;

During lactation;

With increased sensitivity to the active substance.

These gatherings of patients cannot be treated with sofosbuvir, as there have been no clinical trials for these gatherings.

Ladies of conceptive age should take the medication with alert, on the grounds that right now the impact of Sofosbuvir on regenerative capacities isn’t unmistakably settled.

Elderly patients and patients with renal and hepatic inadequacy ought to be dealt with just under the nearby supervision of a doctor. For a simple level of renal and hepatic inadequacy, dose modification isn’t fundamental.

Interaction with other medicinal products

The medication is utilized as a part of a blend with other antiviral operators just if the viability surpasses conceivable entanglements. The medication ought not to be joined with Boceprevir or Telaprevir. At remedial measurements of 400 mg for every day, the medication does not influence the span of the QT interim and does not cause unsettling influences in the cardiovascular framework.

Special instructions

Treatment ought to be directed just under the close supervision of the specialist;

The medication ought to be taken in a mix with other antiviral medications;

Sofosbuvir monotherapy isn’t suggested;

The suggested grown-up measurement is Resof 400 mg for every day (1 tablet) with suppers;

Try not to decrease the everyday dosage of the medication;

The pharmaceutical has an obnoxious intense taste, so it is better not to bite the medication and not partition it into parts;

In the event that heaving happens inside two hours in the wake of taking the pharmaceutical – take an extra pill;

On the off chance that regurgitating happened following two hours – an extra tablet isn’t required;

At the point when the medication was not taken for reasons unknown, instantly drink the missed pill. Whenever you can take the pill at the typical time;

Amid treatment, avoid exercises that require a speed of response and expanded consideration.

Type of issue

Oval tablets in a measurement of Resof 400 mg. 28 tablets for each pack.


Arrangements are conveyed by EMS expedited delivery benefit. Normally the package goes by and large 12 days (give or take 2 days). At the point when the package goes to your town you get back to the messenger and convey it to the address you let him know. When you get the package, you should have identification. Additionally, you can go to the EMS mail office and get the bundle yourself. When you get a package, you can open it immediately with a mail specialist and ensure that the medications are entirely it. For all the time that we work there was not a solitary case that the package was lost or individuals got low-quality prescriptions. Moreover, for this instance of missing the bundle, you have 100% protection of the provider of the pharmaceutical.


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