Sofocruz Lp Sofosbuvir

Brand Name: Sofocruz LP
Generic Name: Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir
Manufactured by: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Form: Tablets
Dosage: 90 mg Ledipasvir and
400 mg Sofosbuvir
Packing: One Bottle Pack of 28 tablets



“Sofocruz Lp” TABLET is a Fixed-Dose Mixture (FDC) Drug Brand being manufactured and marketed by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This medicine is a combination of more than one active ingredient or substance within a single pharmaceutical form type. The main active ingredients or salts in this drug are (LEDIPASVIR 90MG AND SOFOSBUVIR 400MG). This drug comes in the form of Tablet. The general packing available for this medicine consists of 28 Tab and is priced at Rs 20000 INR for Customers.


Ledipasvir 90mg is one of the modern direct-acting antivirals that are used for the complex treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV). Since ledipasvir for treatment is used only in conjunction with Sofosbuvir, pharmaceutical manufacturers produce Ledipasvir as a combined drug. Sofosbuvir is a modern antiviral drug that blocks the enzyme NS5B RNA of hepatitis C virus, which causes the virus to lose its ability to reproduce. Ledipasvir has the ability to block the viral protein NS5A than suspends all synthetic processes in the viral particle and enhances the action of Sofosbuvir. The combination of Ledipasvir with Sofosbuvir, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, is used for the non-interferon treatment of chronic hepatitis C viruses of genotypes 1 and 4. The owner of the patent for the production of the original Harvoni drug (Harvoni) containing the ledipasvir 90 mg/sofosbuvir 400 mg complex is the American company Gilead Sciences. In the world pharmaceutical market, in addition to the original, generics are also presented – analog medicines (Ledifos, Hepcinat LP) produced by famous Indian or Egyptian companies.


Pack of the American drug Harvoni contains 28 tablets, which is enough for 4 weeks of therapy. The cost of one original package varies from 19 to 30 thousand US dollars. Given that for the passage of a 12-week treatment cycle, 3 packs of medicine are required, the cost of the therapeutic course “starts” from 383631.71 India Currency.


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