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Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) is a type of drug used to treat Hepatitus C and works on HCV genotypes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Sofosbuvir has to be used in combination with other HCV medications such as Pegylated interferon and Ribavirin.

Product Description

What is Sofovir?

Sofovir is most normally recommended for the treatment of Hepatitis C. It is regularly utilized as a part of mix with a different pharmaceuticals. It can be utilized to treat genotypes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Hepatitis C.

How is Sofovir utilized?

Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) and different meds being taken to treat Hepatitus C are generally taken for 12 weeks. The meds should be taken day by day and ought to be taken in the meantime consistently. It is suggested the you take Sofovir in the morning (to diminish a sleeping disorder) and to bring it with nourishment (to lessen queasiness).

The measurement your specialist precribes for you will rely upon a few variables. These incorporate the heaviness of the patient and the genotype of Hepatitus C Virus that has been contracted. The beginning dosage is frequently 400 mg for every day except it might be expanded to 600 mg for every day to acheive the coveted outcomes. Your specialist will exhort you on the off chance that you have to change your dose. Never modify the measurements of Sofobuvir without being prompted first by your specialist.

Unfriendly impacts

Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) is typically very much endured. The most widely recognized reactions are sickness and a sleeping disorder. These symptoms can be lessened by bringing Sofovir with sustenance and taking your doe in the morning.

Sofosbuvir can likewise diminish your red platelet tally. Standard blood tests can be planned to guarantee that your levels are remaining inside typical breaking points. The liver can be unfavorably influenced by taking Sofovir (Sofosbuvir). Patients with previous liver issues shouldn’t utilize this Sofosbuvir. Your specialist will test your liver capacity all the time while taking Sofosbuvir.

In the event that you encounter long haul looseness of the bowels, shortness of breath or heart rate changes, contact your specialist as quickly as time permits.


Tell your specialist of any doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter prescriptions, home grown medicines or dietary supplements you tare taking. These may have a collaboration with Sofovir (Sofosbuvir).

Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) is once in a while to be taken alone. A full treatment design ought to be talked about with your dctor before starting treatment with Sofosbuvir.

You ought not take Sofosbuvir in the event that you are pregnant. Sofosbuvir can bring about birth surrenders, harm to the baby, or early end of pregnancy. It is critical not to end up noticeably pregnant while taking Sofosbuvir. It is prescribed to utilize mulitple types of contraception to avert pregnancy while taking this pharmaceutical and for 6 months after treatment closes.

Sofosbuvir can cause loose bowels. For this situation, ensure your liquid admission is adequate to avoid lack of hydration.


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