Sofovir tablets

Brand name: Sofovir
Generic name: Sofosbuvir
Manufacturer: Hetero Labs Limited
Form: Tablets
Strength: 400 mg
Packing: One Bottle 28 tablets



The medication “Sofovir tablets” is an innovative antiviral agent of the Indian company Hetero. It is the newest antiviral agent and is designed to fight against hepatitis C. Unlike the original drug Sovaldi, manufactured by the American company Gilead, the generic Sofovir (Sofosbuvir) from India is much cheaper, and its pharmacological properties are also effective and effective for HCV of all genotypes. Their joint action allows you to block the process of reproduction of viral elements and completely suppress the disease.

While you buy “Sofovir tablets” in pharmacies in India – it is not possible, but you can order it right now on our company’s website. The price of Sofovir is 12,000 INR, 3 or 6 packs of medication are required for treatment, depending on the severity of the disease and the liver of patients.


Complex therapy based on Daclahep Sofovir Hetero is carried out only according to the indications and in strict accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. The passage of the full course of treatment stops the spread of the virus and does not allow the destruction of healthy liver cells.

The maximum effectiveness of the drugs is shown in relation to 1-4 genotypes of the causative agent of hepatitis C. In the case of other forms of a pathogen, the approach may not be so effective.


Both drugs in the treatment complex are products of the antiviral nature. The main active substance of the drug “Sofovir 400mg” is the nucleotide analog of sofosbuvir. The active ingredient of the “Daclahep” is Daclatasvir. These chemical compounds belong to the class of inhibitors, that is, they do not allow certain biological elements to exhibit their properties in full.

The result of complex therapy is the blocking of chemical processes in the cells of the virus. Because of this, the further activity of pathogens becomes impossible. The patient does not just feel temporary relief; he completely gets rid of the disease.


At the heart of the drug, the active substance is sofosbuvir in a dose of 400 mg. The effect of the drug is to suppress the replication of the virus. The drug acts directly on the virus and is used as the main component of the treatment regimen for the following genotypes – 1,2,3,4.


When taking an antiviral drug Sofovir is rare, but still, the following side effects may appear:

A headache;



Special instructions for taking Sofovir Instructions

“Sofovir tablets” refer to the mandatory comprehensive treatment of HCV – monotherapy is not provided. The daily dose of the medicine is 400 mg, it is not recommended to reduce it. If the drug is interrupted for any reason, you should drink the pill no later than 18 hours after the last reception. A form of issue Oval tablets of bright orange color in a dose of 400 mg.


Store at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees in a dry, protected area.

Do not take it after the expiration date. Here you can buy Sofovir in India at a regional price with home delivery.


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