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Teravir (Tenofovir) is a medical drug that has increasingly become used for the highly effective treatment of HIV-1 and hepatitis B at the chronic stage. The drug has a very mild effect on the patient’s body and is well tolerated by them. The optimal price of teravir from the Indian company Natco can provide accessibility for the treatment of many people. Quickly buy Teravir (tenofovir) for personal use and receive quality and timely treatment can be done in our online pharmacy “Hepatitis-stop.” Currently, you can buy teravir in India only through the online pharmacy Gandhi Medicos

Indications for use

The medicine is part of the pharmaceutical group of direct-acting antiretroviral medications; it is the nucleoside and nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor (blocker). The main possibility of this substance is a complete blockade of the HIV-1 RNA virus and hepatitis B, which at times increases the chances of success during treatment. Component tablets Tenofovir, a substance that depresses the viral function of reproduction and therefore makes it possible to stop its further spread across the human body. Generic has already been recommended for the treatment of the above infections by the European and American Associations, as the main component of antiretroviral therapy in the newest regimens

After the diagnosis of HIV 1 or CHB (chronic hepatitis B), additional tests are performed to detect compensated/ decompensated hepatic disease with confirmation of their presence or the presence of visible direct manifestations of the active stage of the development of the virus and the continuously increasing level of ALT in the blood test, such patients are prescribed Teravir tenofovir)


The medicine can only be prescribed by a specialist who has already gained extensive experience in the treatment of the aforementioned viral infections and is guided by the history and general picture of the patient’s illness in determining the duration of therapy. Typically, the dose of daily intake of the drug is 1 tablet taken while eating, daily at the same time throughout the entire treatment.

Duration of therapy

When HIV is detected in a patient over 18, the course of medical antiviral treatment is based on testing personal resistance to the virus, but often, the need for admission remains for life. If the patient is diagnosed with hepatitis B, but without the presence of liver cirrhosis, the therapy period can last from six months to one year. This will depend on the amount of time for which the final removal of the antigens and DNA of the virus is fully confirmed, and whether anti-HBe is detected or prior to the acquisition of HBs seroconversion. If the patient has no changes in the levels of infection, then therapy is discontinued. There are situations in which the doctor is forced to extend treatment for a longer period than 2 years.

Side effects of the drug

Adverse events are seen in 1% of patients.

Relative to the gastrointestinal tract: – flatulence, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, digestive disorders.

Regarding the nervous system: – a significant decrease in appetite, dizziness, insomnia, sometimes can cause a state of depression. Identified and such cases, when patients treated with complaints of difficulty breathing, shortness of breath. Tablets are mildly toxic, so there is a chance of disrupting kidney function or causing kidney failure.


Cannot be administered to patients if the test showed hyper-responsiveness to tenofovir;

Cannot be used in pediatrics (children under 18 years of age are contraindicated);

Because of the lack of clinical data, it is not prescribed for women during pregnancy;

Due to possible absorption in the mother’s milk, feeding during treatment should be discontinued. Based on the data of medical practice and observations, the drug is contraindicated in patients with creatinine clearance less than 30ml / min and more than 50ml / min, as well as people with the need for hemodialysis.

Special Recommendations  

If the patient already takes Truvada, Atripla or Gepseru (adefovir), he cannot be prescribed Tenofovir.

In order to avoid infecting other persons, the doctor observing the patient must inform him that during treatment the risk of transmission of infection remains.

Form of issue

Produced by manufacturers in the form of tablets, coated with a film shell of 30 pcs. In an airtight container. In each box, there is a jar of tablets and a complete instruction for use.

Terms and conditions of storage.

Teravir Tablets retain their medicinal properties within 2 years from the date of manufacture, if the following conditions are observed: the container is tightly closed after each intake; the temperature in the storage place does not exceed 30 degrees; there is no access to sunlight for storage. Keep out of the reach of children.


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