Velpanat tablet

Brand Name: Velpanat Tablets
Generic Name: Velpatasvir and Sofosbuvir
Marketed by: Natco Pharma Limited
Form: Tablets
Strength:  Velpatasvir 100mg/Sofosbuvir 400mg
Packing:  One Bottle Pack of 28 tablets


Velpanat tablet: Epclusa price in India, USA, and China

Velpanat tablet is a combination medicine that contains sofosbuvir and velpatasvir. The latter refers to the new inhibitors of NS5A, which allows expanding the range of indications for the treatment of patients with hepatitis C. Velpanat inhibits the process of propagation of pathogens, inhibits the progression of the disease and promotes recovery of the patient.

Effect of the drug

Thanks to the powerful composition of the drug, Velpanat Natco is widely used to fight the hepatitis C virus of genotypes 1-6. The drug may be given as a monotherapy or for combined treatment with or without cirrhosis. The high effectiveness of the drug against all genotypes of HCV is due to the presence in its composition:

Sofosbuvir: which is in an inactive form? After taking the drug, this component is metabolized and is able to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of new viral RNAs. Thus, the multiplication of pathogens and the progression of the disease are blocked;

Velpatasvir: whose action is directed to inhibition of NS5A, which ensures the interruption of viral replication? After taking the pill, it is completely absorbed in the digestive tract. The maximum concentration of active substances in the bloodstream is reached after 30-120 minutes. More than 60% of the drug is transferred with the help of plasma proteins. Metabolism of the drug is carried out in the liver, after which the products of decay are excreted in the feces.

Instruction Velpanat Natco

The drug is prescribed for patients with hepatitis C, who have reached 18 years of age. Due to the combined composition, the drug is a powerful HCV resistance and allows achieving good results in treatment.

Active substances, blocking the synthesis of proteins of the virus, make its further development and existence impossible. Thus the body gets rid of an infectious agent.

Depending on the severity of the disease and the general health of the patient, Velpanat can be administered in combination with ribavirin.

Application features

Instructions for use Velpanat draws attention to the availability of features of taking medication. They must be taken into account by the doctor when prescribing an antiviral drug:

  • Concomitant liver diseases of toxic, viral or parasitic origin;
  • The pathology of the urinary tract, since taking the drug can aggravate its course. Separately, the issue of treatment in patients in need of hem dialysis;
  • Postponed liver disease;
  • The fact of a previous liver transplantation;
  • Simultaneous reception of drugs against HIV.

Throughout the course, regular laboratory monitoring and evaluation of the severity of clinical symptoms of hepatitis C are required. Based on the results of the research, the doctor monitors the dynamics of treatment and, if necessary, adjusts the dosage of the drug.


The drug is available in tablet form. It tastes bitter, therefore it is recommended to take it with food. The tablet should be swallowed whole. If it is necessary to take antacid preparations, the interval between them and Velpanat should not be less than 4 hours.

It is necessary to strictly adhere to the dosage, the frequency of reception and the duration of the therapeutic course, which will avoid the occurrence of side effects and achieve the desired result in treatment.

Every day, take one tablet, which includes 400 mg of sofosbuvir and 100 mg of velpatasvir. The duration of the course is at least three months, provided continuous treatment.

Among the side effects are dyspeptic disorders, which are expressed by nausea and vomiting. They can affect the absorption and action of the drug. If vomiting is observed in the first three hours after taking the pill, it is recommended to drink it again.


Not always Velpanat tablet can be used as part of antiviral therapy for hepatitis C. Before taking it, the following contraindications should be considered:

  • The presence of individual intolerance of the main components of the drug (sofosbuvir, Velpatasvir), as well as additional components of the drug;
  • Minority period;
  • Simultaneous reception with antibacterial agents (rifampicin), preparations based on St. John’s wort, sedatives, and antiepileptic medications, for example, Phenobarbital and carbamazepine;
  • Lactation period, as there is no reliable data on the lack of penetration of sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir into breast milk;
  • Clinical studies in this group of patients have not been conducted. Throughout the therapeutic course, contraception should be used to prevent conception. It is especially important to prevent the onset of pregnancy when combined with the admission of Velpanat tablet with Ribavirin. Contraceptives are needed regardless of who is being treated by a woman or her partner.
Adverse Reactions

The severity of side effects depends on the patient’s initial state of health, the dynamics of treatment and the individual characteristics of the organism. Considering the powerful composition of Velpanat tablet, regular clinical and laboratory monitoring is necessary, since complications can occur at any stage of therapy.

Among the undesirable effects of taking antiviral medication should be:

  • A headache and dizziness;
  • Decreased cognitive abilities (impaired attention, memory impairment);
  • Swelling of the lower extremities;
  • Impaired breathing (dyspnea);
  • Severe malaise and rapid fatigue during physical exertion;
  • Dyspeptic disorders in the form of nausea, vomiting, flatulence, and severity in the stomach and liver zones. Intestinal dysfunction is manifested by diarrhea;
  • Rapid depletion of stress;
  • Allergic reactions, which are manifested by skin rashes, itchy sensations, bronchospasm, swelling of the tissues of the neck and face; violation of the psycho-emotional state (insomnia, irritability, tearfulness);
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Fever;
  • Decrease in the production of thyroid hormones;
  • Change in laboratory indicators, namely, reduction of hemoglobin, protein, and platelets.

In most cases, side effects are expressed in mild or moderate degree. Serious complications are observed with the continuation of therapy against a background of a significant increase in the level of transaminases. With the combined use of Velpanat with Ribavirin, the risk of adverse reactions increases.

Where to buy Velpanat

The website shows the real price for Velpanat Natco. It is important to remember that the understated cost of a medicine can be a sign of forgery. An official distributor in the India Federation guarantees the authenticity of the goods. You can buy a medicine without prepayment. A person is calculated only after receiving and opening the parcel. When buying a full course of treatment for hepatitis C, there are proposals for interest-free installments. Not every online pharmacy guarantees the quality of the goods. At the same time, the price can be several times overestimated. It is not recommended to trust untested suppliers since you can not only lose money but also Damage your health with substandard drugs.

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