Vigonate Tablets



Erectile Dysfunction…May Not be a Men’s “Loss of Vigor” Problem …

It could be DUE to other underlying Conditions/ Diseases or LEAD to Increased Risk of Other Diseases


  • Extends Relief In & Protection Against Debilitating Diseases
  • ED could be caused by other underlying conditions/diseases
  • Stress, depression, anxiety, Alcoholism…..Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Blood Vessel Disease, BPH, Nerve and Brain Disorders
  • ED patients with Diabetes or Hypertension have an Elevated risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Triphala, Ashwagandha, Akarkara, Gokhru, Shatavari, Trikatu

Ashwagandha – Improves Brain Functioning, Memory, Intelligence,….. Increases red blood cell (RBC) count and Hemoglobin levels,………Stimulates Tissue Formation, aids in muscle growth, Strength, and repair

Shatavari– Stimulates blood formation, boosts energy levels, prevents tissue damage through its antioxidant effect

Triphala and Trikatu– Detoxifying, Improve digestive strength, Burn fat, Reduce cholesterol levels, Useful in skin diseases, Relieve anorexia, Useful in Diabetes, Abdominal Ulcers/ tumor, bloating, throat infection

Akarkara– (Anacyclus pyrethrum) – Extends Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Anti TB, Antiprotozoal, Hepatoprotective and Aphrodisiac Activity Molecules *2017 May 12;22(5). pii: E796. ; J Complement Integr Med. 2016 Sep 1;13(3):295-300

Gokhru- Increases oxygen transport through blood to each cell of the body, improves blood circulation to nourish tissues, to result in a natural and sustained energy boost. –

Decreases Body fat percentage, Improves lean muscle mass gain, fluctuation in steroid hormone levels and all semen parameters, Demonstrates an increase in dihydrotestosterone levels. Complete semen analysis shows significant enhancement in sperm concentration, motility, and liquefaction *tAinmdroleog.ia. 2017 Jun;49(5). doi: 10.1111


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