Cancer Disease

As per the latest survey, In US, the cause of death is the Cancer, the second most common disease. There different types of cancer Disease like Bone cancer, colon cancer, Breast cancer, Bladder cancer, Kidney cancer, Liver cancer, Stomach cancer, Thyoid cancer, Vulvar cancer, Vagina cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Lymphoma, Brain tumor, Anal cancer, Cervical cancer, Colorectal cancer, Endometrial v, Leukemia, Prostate cancer, Testicular cancer etc.

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 Cancer and its Causes that everyone should know

Cancer is the collection of disease occurred due to the abnormal growth of cell. There are around hundred different types of cancer. This disease spreads in our body and affects other healthy tissues, at this situation it is very difficult to treat.

Cancer cells do not die; rather they grow and spread to harm other molecules, blood vessels and the normal cells. Not only this, it also affects our immune system, tissues, specialized cells, organs that helps to protect our body through infections.

It is caused due to genetic changes, these changes can be inherited from our parents or can be raised due to the abnormal behavior of cell to divide or can be caused due to mutations to DNA.

Symptoms and Precautions of Cancer so that you easily
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  1. Excess weight loss, get tired regularly, fever etc can also be the symptoms of cancer as the cells consume your body’s energy very faster.
  2. Often feeling weak and dizzy can also be the another sign of lung cancer, as this creates the hormonal changes due to which the calcium level in blood raises that directly affects muscles and nerves.
  3. If you ever feel, the change of the shape, size or color of mole and other spots like skin reddening, itching, excessive hair growth, darker looking skin, then this can be the early signs of skin cancer.

For all above symptoms, follow a healthy diet and fitness regime by eating fruits and vegetables avoid processed foods, take plenty of water and exercise regularly. Avoid smoking and tobacco that can lead to major cancer disease like mouth cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, pancreas, bladder, cervical and kidney cancer.

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