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The problem of chronic hepatitis C is relevant for millions of people in different countries. For a long time, the problem of effective treatment had no solution. Expensive and complex therapy “gold standard” for 24 or even 48 weeks did not always bring the desired relief and negative result of virological tests. Velasof tablets

Now the situation has changed dramatically. The medical community uses drugs with a direct antiviral effect, which completely stop the replication of the virus in the blood. For the convenience of the patient, combined preparations have been developed which in one tablet contain the necessary combination of active ingredients. One of them is the drug Velasof tablets.

Advantages and features of the mechanism of action

In the modern information space, you can read a lot of information about the ways of treating hepatitis C. The patient and even the doctor can easily get confused and do not find the answer to the question, what drug is most suitable for a particular person

The drug Velasof has a number of advantages in comparison with others. Among them the most significant are:

  • Velasof contains 2 active substances – it is Velpatasvir and Sofosbuvir.
  • These components effectively eliminate the hepatitis virus of any genotype.
  • The combination of the two drugs costs less than the separately purchased the same active substances.
  • Tablets are easy to use since they are taken only once a day.

It is this combination that leaves no chance for the hepatitis C virus, which is due to the mechanism of action of its components. Sofosbuvir blocks the activity of the NS5B enzyme, and Velpatasvir – NS5A. As a result, it becomes simply impossible to assemble RNA of hepatitis C virus, the formation of new copies and the synthesis of genetically alien variants. Thus, the damage to the liver stops and the person recovers.

The effect of various enzymes suppresses the process of reproduction of all variants of the pathogen. The active substances synthesized earlier (for example, Sofosbuvir) could destroy the virus only of a certain genotype. The Velasof combination destroys all 6 known to date genotypes of the “hepatitis C virus”.

The American Medical Association stresses that the components of the drug “Velasof tablet price” – this is the most rational and appropriate combination for patients with any genotype of the hepatitis C virus, regardless of previously received treatment and the stage of fibrosis.

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Results of treatment

Classical instructions for the use of a particular drug contain only a description of the pharmacological details of the active substances of the drug. The patient is interested not so much in the characteristics of excretion of the drug and its distribution in tissues, how much its effectiveness.

It is not yet possible to evaluate the long-term results (after 5-10 years) of using Velasof tablets since it has been used since 2016. During this period, there are practically no complaints about Velasof combination in patients and doctors.

After 4 weeks in the blood of 95% of patients, there is no hepatitis C virus. After completion of a full course of therapy (24 or 12 weeks) already 98% of patients have a complete virologic response.

 The form of production and scheme of the application

The drug “Velasof” is available only in one version. One tablet contains 400 mg of Sofosbuvir and 100 mg of Velpathaswir. Auxiliary substances and a special protective capsule ensure the stability of the drug.

Usually, the standard dosage assumes a single application of Velasof, that is, at the same time (in the morning or in the evening) the patient drinks a single Velasof tablet with a small amount of liquid.

Scheme of application and its duration is determined by a doctor (infectious disease specialist or gastroenterologist). Modern clinical protocols for the treatment of hepatitis C recommend such variants of the appointment of the drug “Velasof”:

 After the completion of the full course of treatment, and also after six months and a year, a comprehensive examination of the patient is conducted to determine a stable biochemical and virologic response.

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