Cancer is one disease of which there are a lot of myths and rumours. But usually people don’t actually know a lot about the disease. We start with the basic question of What is cancer? The Cancer may start in any part  of the body. It starts when your body cells start growing out of control and crowds out normal cells.

How common is cancer?

Most likely, half of all men and one-third of all women in the US tend to develop cancer once during their lifetimes. But one can reduce this chance of developing cancer by eating healthy foods, being physically active and by not inducing tobacco. As earlier the cancer can be found and treated, there are better chances of living. Cancer is the number one reason of deaths in underdeveloped countries and number 2 in the developed countries.

Facts about Cancer that you need to be aware of

  • Definition

Cancer is a single name given to more than 100 diseases. Cancer  actually is the result of abnormal cells that multiply and further spread out of control. They damage healthy cells along the way. Mostly cancers that affect the blood do not end up resulting tumors.

  • Prevention

At least half of all the cancers and deaths related to it are preventable as told by scientific experts.

  • Cause

One of the major cause of cancer is hepatitis C. Mostly Epclusa is prescribed for the treatment of hepatitis C virus. Nowadays, you can Buy Generic Epclusa online too.

  • Genetics

Only a few people of about 5-10% inherit cancer from their parents. But usually  cancer do not have any link with your genetics.

You can read more about the Cancer Disease over here.

  • Pollution

There are many environmental factors that can raise your chances of having cancer. Air, water and food are all very important, but, metal toxicity, personal/household products, pollution’s can damage  your body cells.

  • Smoking

About 90% of the lung cancer are caused because of smoking and about 22% cancer deaths happen because of smoking. Therefore, people should avoid smoking.

  • Sleep

If you get sleep less than 6-hours in a day there are chances that the risk of your colon cancer increase.In fact   people who work in night shift tend to have a high risk of cancer.

  • Age

In a developed countries, 58% of cancer are   diagnosed among the people of 65 years of age or even older.

  • Women

Bronchus, lung, breast, stomach cancer are the most common cancers that are diagnosed in women.

  • Men

Prostate, liver. Stomach. Bronchus,lung and colorectal are the most common cancers that are diagnosed in men.

  • Skin

The most common type of cancer is skin cancer that Is gradually increasing everyday.

In order to prevent cancer at any early stage, a person should consider a doctor. Also there are many Anti-Cancer Drugs Online that one can buy to heal their cancer. Gandhi Medicos offers you with all the international branded medicines at your doorstep with an ease.

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